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Massachusetts Justice of the Peace Richard Griesel


The Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Executive Office of Health and Human Services
Department of Public Health
Registry of Vital Records and Statistics
150 Mount Vernon Street, 1st Floor
Dorchester, MA 02125-3105 


November 15, 2004


On October 29, 2004, the Governor signed into law Chapter 388 of the Acts of 2004, formerly known as House Bill 75. This law repeals section 28 of c.207 M.G.L, eliminating the premarital medical certificate requirement for marriage in Massachusetts. Therefore, effective January 28, 2005 (90 days after signing) medical certificates will no longer be a requirement for issuance of a marriage license.


The Registry of Vital Records and Statistics interprets this Act as follows:


        Medical certificates are still required for any Massachusetts marriage licenses issued before January 28, 2005, whether or not the marriage occurs before or after January 28, 2005.

        A couple that will marry after January 28, 2005 but files a Notice of Intention to Marry prior to January 28, 2005 does not need to file a medical certificate provided that the marriage license is not issued until January 28, 2005 or later.

        All couples that file Notices of Intention on or after January 28, 2005 no longer need to obtain a medical certificate.




Stanley E. Nyberg, PhD

Registrar of Vital Records and Statistics